Play with the Panthers

Beyond Hockey
Confidence, Focus, Responsibility, Self-Awareness. All are off ice skills developed within the Haven Hockey program. Keeping the atmosphere fun creates the environment for these skills to flourish.

Relationship Building
A program from K though 12th grade. The friendships and bonds created within our program extend far beyond the locker room and ice. The camaraderie and trust built over the years teach values that extend past the ice and builds the foundation for solid relationships in the future.

Success in Life
Hockey helps kids learn to balance school, home life, ice time and playing with friends. This awesome sport encourages kids to learn time management skills that will later serve them in all facets of life. Through practices they will develop better hand eye coordination, muscle development and cardiovascular training that we all know promotes healthy living.

The Hockey High
From the first practice, learning to skate, all the way to the pregame jitters of senior night. Hockey is such a strenuous sport that you will notice your child feeling their best after every practice and game. The speed, thrill and encouraging environment all help provide your child the confidence to grow as a hockey player and person.